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The man bet six threes and took home 1.25 million crowns

The man who bet fifty kroner on Friday in the Kamena number lottery from the Sazka company was incredibly lucky. In the online game, which is based on guessing a combination of six numbers or their sum, he picked six threes and took home 1,250,000 crowns.

“The Stones Lottery is a so-called quick lottery. Players guess combinations of six numbers or their sum, which are drawn at five-minute intervals every day. You can win up to CZK 5,000,000 in the Kameny lottery. The winnings are tabulated and depend on the amount of your deposit and the bet combination,” says Sazka spokesperson Pavla Hobíková. “The attractiveness is the ratio of a small amount bet, which, as we have seen, can easily end up winning more than a million,” he adds.

A similar situation happened two years ago in the national lottery draw in the Republic of South Africa, when the numbers 5,6,7,8,9 and an additional number 10 were drawn. The jackpot was shared by 20 winners, each of whom received four million crowns. According to lottery experts, it is common for a large number of punters to bet on number sequences. On the contrary, the same numbers are not so common anymore.

In 2023, Sazka already records a total of 229 millionaires. The total amount for millionaires is 1,179,479 CZK, of which 188 millionaires in Sportka (with Chance) with a total amount of 701,935,993 CZK.