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Andrea Kalousová

Andrea Kalousova – is a well-known Czech influencer, who already showed her singing ambitions in the national TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, where she performed several cover versions of world hits. After the competition, she teamed up with young producers Reginald, David Kandler and Lukáš Chromek and together they prepared several fresh new tunes. Her debut single is called “Padám”(Falling).

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Co bude dál (live session)
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Co bude dál
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Anna K.

One of the most brilliant constants of the Czech pop scene - Anna K., who can brighten up your event or company party.

Come and enjoy a show full of hits such as Večernice, Nebe, Nelítám nízko along with the new singles from the album Světlo, Vždycky se budeme znát, Prokřehlá and Co mi za to dáš.

Do you want to enjoy the intimate atmosphere and sing from the back of your lungs? Anna K. as a strong inspirational artist is a obvious choice.

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O Tobě i o mně
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Na malou chvíli
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Pyramida boha slunce

Bookie Baker

Bookie Baker’s creative and musical journey, punctuated by an arrest and interrogation in China, is just part of the alt-folk duo’s story. Consisting of Irishman, Caolan O’Neill-Forde and Canadian, Alex Montyro, their journey from the beginning has been fuelled by a sense of adventure, entrepreneurial spirit and wanderlust.

The collaboration began after Montyro opened a music venue in the Liaoning province of China and O’Neill-Forde wandered in looking for musical compatriots in a faraway land. Soon packing in large crowds to the ire of local communist party officials, the duo found themselves enduring multiple interrogations by local police after an arrest during a live performance. Released after being warned to never play music in the country again, they opened a map and considered options across the globe. One city became a clear standout due to its thriving renaissance of creativity, culture and commerce: Prague.

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Blanket Fort
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Autumn Wind


Unmistakable melodies and imaginative lyrics, many of which have become so popular that almost every person in Czech Republic knows them. Chinaski. The joint journey of one of the most respected Czech bands and the BrainZone agency dates back to 2012.

During the collaboration between Chinaski and BrainZone the band have achieved many successes, 8 songs became the most played on Czech radio, they were awarded Band of the Year at the Anděl Awards 2014, won 3rd place in the Slavík poll 3 times, the album Rockfield achieved triple Platinum sales and the album Není nám do pláče also went Platinum

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Pusa (videoklip od fanoušků)
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Měl bych si boty zout

David Deyl

One of the most played performers of Czech radio stations. His music videos were seen by millions of viewers. Over the course of ten years, he became recognised especially thanks to the songs Akorát, V ozvěnách and Chytám se stébel

His emotional singing will captivate the audience accompanied by large musical ensembles but also in more intimate ensembles. He collaborates with the best symphony orchestras and big bands.

Piano recital, trio, band, orchestra. Just choose. In addition to his own work, David Deyl is an unrivaled performer of film and musical melodies. Maybe at your event.

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Chytám se stébel
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V ozvěnách
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Define Me

Define Me is a young modern rock band. Their music and live performances are full of energy and passion. The band was established in 2015, and in 2017 they transformed into its current form. The aim of the group is to inspire and captivate listeners with their original music - on recordings and in person at live concerts. Define Me‘s lyrics are based on real experiences and things that each of us encounter.

The band decided to pursue their dream and in the fall of 2017 went to England to record their debut album with top producer Dan Weller.

Define Me are now planning a large number of concerts and will not miss any opportunity to get their music in front of fans, both old and new.

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Wake Up Honey


Like-it are a young band from Třebíč who have made people dance at many shows and festivals with their songs.

They became more widely known thanks to the songs Nádech and Mrazí, which are heavily played on Czech radio stations and the single Mrazí was also featured in the film Špindl. In addition the band regularly performs as a support band for Chinaski.

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Noci i rána (live session)
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Nezáleží mi (live session)
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Tak na viděnou


Young five-piece group whose mission has been uncompromising since the very beginning – the idea is to form a strong pop band, into which they smuggle all their crazy musical experiments with the alternative genres they love so much. There are other topics in their lyrics than just love – the boys prefer to serve you a good dose of sarcasm.

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Manu Destra

Manu Destra consists of five young musicians who want to put their music out there and take over the world. Currently in a new member formation, the band has recently released an EP Before the Show. Manu Destra certainly know how to make the audience dance - and it doesn’t matter whether it’s at a festival, club or corporate party. Genre-wise, despite being the closest to electronic pop, the band is not afraid to get influenced by other subgenres of electronic music or incorporate orchestral instruments. They haven’t only been paving their way to people’s hearts through original sound design but also through deep lyrics that reflect both the joys and sorrows of all the members of the band. 
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Hit Me
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Marcell is a Czech singer, producer, composer and graduate of the Medical Faculty of UP in Olomouc. After graduating, he became fully involved in music. He specializes in music production and songwriting for other performers (eg Lenny, Mirai, Adam Mišík, Paulie Garand) and now presents his own work.

He was the singer of the band No Distance Paradise, with whom he released two albums which were warmly received by music critics. It is also worth mentioning the collaboration with rapper Lipo in the song Svoboda which last autumn was one of the most played domestic songs. Another song with Paulie Garand, Srdce z ledu, which he composed, produced and sang the choruses, also garnered great acclaim from fans and critics alike.

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Přestávám chápat
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November 2nd

The Czech guitar band November 2nd, which has three albums to their credit and a nomination at the Anděl music awards. The current song I Feel Love, completed under the supervision of the American producer John Netti (eg Rival Sons) is taken from the forthcoming EP.

After the break, November 2nd returns to the original four-member instrumental cast from the period of the first album, which brought hits such as Tomcat Blues or Cut Up.

In addition to singer Alexandra Langošová on November 2nd, we can find guitarist Roman Helcl (Anna K., Janet Robin…), David Babka (Plastic People, Kamil Střihavka…), bassist Kuba Vejnar (Aneta Langerová, David Koller…) and drummer Petr Ptáček (B Side Band) as the band revisits its rock guitar roots.

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Love Me or Leave Me
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O5 a Radeček

You will definitely know the band O5 a Radeček thanks to the hit from 2009, Praha (Jedna dívka) which resulted in "Radečci" becoming synonymous with tasteful Czech pop and becoming amoungst the most popular live bands.

Radečci have been playing together for twenty-five years and it‘s still a completely original line up, and in the meantime there have been hits like Vloupám se, Doufám and LOVEní (which was heard in the Czech romantic film of the same name from 2019). Needless to say, all the videos released by O5 a Radeček during their careers have had more than a million views.

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Live Palác Žofín
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Romantický smyčce - Live Palác Žofín
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Romantický smyčce (Valentýnská verze)

Peter Aristone

Peter's solo career began with the pop rock album 19 Days in Tetbury, which was written in the studio of producer Greg Haver. The album featured the singles Sunlight and Cool As You, a duet with Mel C from Spice Girls, who even came to Prague to support the release of the album. This was followed by the more folk EP Gold and the EP Happiest Accidents, both of which were taken care of by British producer Sacha Skarbek.

In 2019, the album was released with the collaboration of Mark Plati, a well-known producer and former collaborator of David Bowie.

Since 2015, Peter has performed as a support on major indoor tours of Czech and Slovak bands (Palo Habera and Team, David Koller, Chinaski, Elán) and toured the USA a total of six times with bluesman Mark Broussard and in Germany with Jesper Munk. In 2018 he performed at the famous Sziget festival in Hungary.

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Wishing Well
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Fool's Gold
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