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Tereza Mašková will fulfill her big dream. In the O2 arena, he will sing with his idols, the band Il Volo

The Italian internationally recognized operatic pop trio Il Volo is finally heading to the Czech Republic this year. Their first Czech concert will take place on October 10, 2023 in the O2 arena and promises a unique show full of passion and unforgettable songs. Singer Tereza Mašková is also a big fan of the band, which consists of tenors Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and baritone Gianluca Ginoble, so she was extremely happy when the band chose her to sing one of their compositions with them in the Prague hall.

“I still can’t believe this is going to happen. I appreciate it very much and I am sincerely happy about it. I remember when I was about fifteen or sixteen years old and I told my mother that one day I would sing with them, and now it will come true, I’m really looking forward to it,” smiles Tereza Mašková, who has always gravitated towards Italian music . “Andrea Bocceli, Luciano Pavarotti and similar artists are always in my playlist. I discovered Il Volo by accident on Youtube, where they were in some singing competition and they completely got me there. Their voices are simply balm for the soul. And since then I’ve been listening to them, following their journey and rooting for them very much,” says the singer.

Mašková will sing their song Canzone per te with Il Volo and is already preparing for her dream performance. “I’m happy that I’m going to sing this song a lot because it’s one of my favorites. I listen to it even more now and I found an Italian teacher to help me with the correct pronunciation. Let me not embarrass myself,” adds Tereza with a smile, who is expecting a really busy autumn. In addition to the concert with Il Volo, he is also training for Stardance and preparing for his first big concert in Prague’s Lucerne.

“Performing in Prague has been our dream for a long time, we will see it there for the very first time and in private. We are very much looking forward to being able to present our show to the Czech audience and also to Tereza, she has a beautiful voice,” says Il Volo tenor Piero Barone.

The group came together in 2009 during the participation of all singers in the TV talent competition Ti lascio una canzone on Italian television. Subsequently, she experienced a meteoric rise on the international stage, where she became famous for her unique style that combines traditional Italian opera with modern pop elements, often referred to as popera. Their repertoire includes classic Italian songs, but also more modern compositions.

In the course of their career, the group released several successful albums, which were also awarded at the international level. The last album is dedicated to Ennio Moricone. One of the biggest successes of the Italian trio was winning the prestigious Sanremo music festival in 2015 with the song Grande Amore. This triumph opened the door for them to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest of the same year, where they took third place.