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Sinplus release a new EP, bringing fresh guitar riffs and straightforward rhythms

The Swiss rock duo Sinplus, known to Czech fans also from big domestic festivals and radio stations, comes with a new EP “Waiting for the Dawn”. Brothers Gabriel and Ivan Broggini are launching a new era for the band, which will culminate in a new album. The band, who have several awards and nominations to their name, including MTV Europe Music, plan to release it in spring 2023. Producer Matteo Bassi is signed to the five-song collection, which is a blend of alternative rock, post-punk and new wave. 

The record opens with the distorted guitars of “Dark Horse Running” and is followed by “Wildflower,” which references the legendary anarchist colony in the Alps. The next “Waiting for the Dawn” catches the attention with its strong melody and the following “Not Afraid” with its hypnotic atmosphere. The EP closes with a cover of “Need To Believe” by the legendary Swiss rock band Gotthard.  

The early years of Sinplus’ career were full of milestones: they played all over Europe, won an MTV EMA and even represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest. All this resulted in their debut album “Break the Rules”. The band describes it as their love letter to rock ‘n’ roll. The upcoming release, as well as the current EP, takes the band out of pure rock waters and into punk and 80s new wave, full of guitar riffs, distorted vocals and straightforward rhythm. “Waiting for the Dawn perfectly represents what we’re going through right now.  The lyrics are about one’s own potential, necessity and the challenges one faces when going their own way,” the Broggini brothers reveal.  

Sinplus was founded in 2014. Their credits include an MTV Europe award nomination, performing in front of Roxette and representing Switzerland at Eurovision.