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Singer Lenka Konvičková confesses her love for a woman in her new single

Singer and composer Lenka Konvička, who performs under the stage name KETTIE, releases another single called YSL. A hot music video was immediately released to accompany the news.

“I wrote the lyrics for the YSL song in about two days, which is probably my record so far. In short, when the inspiration is strong enough, it goes quickly. As for the meaning of the lyrics, the clip features a man, but the song is actually about a lady,” admits KETTIE, who does not hide her bisexual orientation. In the clip, she cut several titillating scenes.

“I wasn’t shy about the shoot, I knew that there would be more revealing scenes in order for the clip to match the lyrics, but my goal was to keep it to a decent and raunchy level, which I think I succeeded. I was filming with a cameraman whom I have known for a long time, and the actor Erik and I have also worked together on several projects, so I felt comfortable,” the singer describes the filming process.

Lenka Konvičková aka KETTIE recently also took part in the reality show Love Island and in addition to that she also has a successful single 5 lives and she definitely plans to continue creating.

“The next song will be in English and I named it Bittersweet game. Feats with leading Czech artists or Luo from Love Island are also on the horizon,” she revealed.

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