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Karin Ann supported the release of her most popular song with two separate concerts in Los Angeles and New York

Czechoslovak singer Karin Ann is busy. Since the end of the holidays, she’s released two powerful tracks interspersed with conceptual spy music videos, and played her first two solo concerts overseas over the weekend. In completely packed clubs: Bardot in Hollywood and Apotheke in New York’s Chinatown, she presented her new single, put me back together, which is out now.

The soft-pop melody with a story about how love for someone can change you has reached many important playlists including the global Glow with 1.1 million followers, the largest German playlist of Indie music Indie Brandneu or the Czech New Music Friday CZ/SK.

“Put me back together is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. She’s beautiful, even if she has a sad undertone,” Karin described on stage in New York at the weekend, with her new band behind her, which also includes her two young producers, William Graefe and Benjamin Lazar Davis.

“I think it’s kind of like when you really fall in love with someone, it changes you as a person, you’re willing to do anything for them, even if the feelings aren’t reciprocated, because you care so much,” the singer told the audience. which was applauded in the audience not only by listeners, but also by music journalists and industry people, such as Grammy-winning producer Chris Lord-Alge or David Bowie’s guitarist Mark Plati.

The last concert of the year awaits the young singer on December 9 at the Supersonic club in Paris, where she played together with Paris Paloma in the fall.

Karin Ann quickly made a name for herself as a Generation Z icon across Europe and now the world. Her lyrics delve deep into topics of gender equality, mental health and human rights, as well as addressing the inner turmoil of the 20-year-old mind – young love, toxic relationships and insecurities. An outspoken supporter of LGBTQIA+ community and minority rights, the artist’s music perfectly balances between alternative and mainstream. The work of the Czech-Slovak singer, who was among the wider nominations for the Anděl awards and won the Žebřík poll of Report magazine, did not escape the attention of world media such as NOTION, HUNGER, Wonderland, Kerrang!, Vogue, MTV, ELLE, PROUD Radio, Apple Music and BBC Radio 1 .