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Karin Ann releases cathartic new song bittersweet heartbreak

Rock guitars, a distinctive kick, a timeless synthesizer motif and a strong melody that builds energetically in the end. This is how the new single of the Czech-Slovakian singer Karin Ann, called bittersweet heartbreak, sounds.

The young artist, who played at the Metronome festival at the weekend, has established herself internationally in a short time and has been invited by YUNGBLUD, LP, Imagine Dragons or My Chemical Romance as a guest on their tours, on the current single she shows that she can also play pop-rock ballad. The song bittersweet heartbreak was written by Karin Ann together with Grammy winner Martin Teref, who is also signed to the production.

“I said I’ve never been in love / but I guess I lied,” Karin sings on the new song, packing her voice into powerful vocal harmonies. “The song is about the end of a relationship, which when you look back after some time, you realize that ending it was the best thing that could have happened to you. You still miss that person and you still miss the good times you had with them, but deep down you know you were the wrong choice for each other… so it’s a bit of a bittersweet moment,” says Karin Ann

The new single, which is a story of life’s catharsis that hurts at first, but then makes life better, is accompanied by a music video. Its basis is an artistic stop-motion animation of handwritten letters, later inserted into an envelope addressed to ‘Olivia’, the song’s lover.

Karin Ann quickly made a name for herself as a Generation Z icon across Europe and now the world. Her lyrics delve deep into topics of gender equality, mental health and human rights, as well as addressing the inner turmoil of the 20-year-old mind – young love, toxic relationships and insecurities. An outspoken supporter of LGBTQIA+ community and minority rights, the artist’s music perfectly balances between alternative and mainstream. The work of the Czech-Slovak singer, who was among the wider nominations for the Anděl awards and won the Žebřík survey of Report magazine, did not escape the attention of world media such as NOTION, HUNGER, Wonderland, Kerrang!, Vogue, MTV, ELLE, PROUD Radio, Apple Music and BBC Radio 1 .