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Archa will present the multimedia production “All the beauty” by young creators from all over the world. It will only list it once!

Walk freely through the space and let yourself be impressed by the international production created by artists from all over the world. This will offer the audience a performance called All the beauty, which will take place only once at the Archa theater on September 7 and will be the culmination of the seventh year of the International Summer School of Documentary Theatre.

“We handed over the space of the theater to young theater creators who, under our guidance, created a show in which they included light and sound design, moving image, original work with the space and their own authentic text. The audience can look forward to four to five smaller performances that will take place throughout the theater. In this way, we will offer a truly unique experience, where the Ark space will be used like never before,” says festival director Jana Svobodová, who also leads a studio focused on textual sources of documentary theater and point-of-view techniques. Artists from fifteen countries around the world participate in the project, for example from Korea, Iran, Great Britain, Turkey and other countries.

The International Summer School of Documentary Theater is a platform for reflection and transfer of experience, knowledge and ideas in the field of documentary and socially specific theatre. The summer school encourages courage for independent individual and collective creation and provides participants with the tools to find their own artistic expression. The summer school was founded by Jana Svobodová, who is a leading theater director, and Ondřej Hrab, director of the Archa Theatre.

This year’s resulting production named All the beauty will be performed only once, on September 7, 2023 at 8 p.m. at Archa Theatres. Tickets are already on sale at or via GoOut: beauty/szsvwhw/