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Advent in Archa. The leading Czech theatre invites you to two free performances

Two leading productions of the Prague Archa can be seen for free before Christmas. The management of the theatre decided to open the Archa to everyone who perceives the pre-Christmas time as a time of gathering.

“We believe that the common experience that each of the offered productions brings is the greatest gift that we, as theatre professionals, can give to our audience. Forget about the pre-Christmas rush for a moment and come to the Archa for an experience,” says Ondřej Hrab, director of the theatre.

Tickets for both productions, Those Who Speak for Themselves and Piano Babylon, can be obtained free of charge with a purchase at by entering the discount code ARCHAADVENT. Jana Svobodová’s production of Those Who Speak for Themselves can be seen on 14 and 15 December, always at 8 pm. The audience will move through it in a similar way to the gallery.

“They will see several small scenes in the hands of twelve performers. The text of the production consists of their authentic stories. The set design includes smartphones that form a separate line of the performance. The performance is friendly to the audience who use wheelchairs or have other movement limitations,” says director Svobodová.  

Piano virtuosos Beata Hlavenková and Michal Nejtek in a dialogue of two piano wings disturbed by Peter Nikl’s artistic interventions. This is another of the Advent performances at the Archa. The production Piano Babylon is performed on 17 and 18 December at 8 pm. The musical and artistic equilibristics of Petr Nikl, Beata Hlavenková and Michal Nejtek will embrace the audience with a joyful play full of unexpected twists and surprises.

“You will become little children for a while, discovering the world of sounds, things, tones and light in every moment and experiencing boundless joy in the process. The production will delight adults, older children and entire families. Especially those who love music and visual imagery,” concludes Hrab.  

Advent at the Archa: