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World renowned cellist Hauser of 2Cellos is heading to the O2 arena

Instrumentalist and founding member of 2Cellos Stjepan Hauser, known simply as Hauser, announces his first-ever solo and long-awaited Rebel With a Cello world tour, which also heads to Prague. The concert was originally supposed to take place in the Fortuna Sports Hall, but due to great interest, when tickets disappeared within a few weeks, it is being moved to the O2 arena. The top cellist and visual artist will bring a special show to the O2 arena on October 27, 2023, which will not miss a romantic sound and Hauser’s inimitable playing style and pyrotechnics.

A musical nerd and a romantic, that’s how Hauser is known to his fans, primarily through his music videos, such as the popular Beach Party or the dreamy visual concept of Alone Together. Hauser’s first tour, Rebel With a Cello, is the third act of rock and rhythm retro, which permeates modern world-renowned dance tracks from his new solo album The Player.

Ever since Hauser decided to create a new musical experience from the long established traditions of classical, pop and rock music, he has been playing arenas around the world and defying the conventions of the established music business. From his now-iconic rendition of Smooth Criminal, which launched him as an internet sensation, and where he rose to prominence as a founding member of the duo 2Cellos, he has won the hearts and minds of millions. The Croatian cellist is also very successful on social media, with a devoted international fan base on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, which is constantly growing. It also has millions of views on streaming platforms.