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The video for Karin Ann’s new single descends into a surprising media scandal

The latest single and video of the Czech-Slovak singer Karin Ann stranger with my face was highly rated by the media and the words such as quality song, world-class video, ambitious concept, good direction and honest production were not spared. Not a month has passed and Karin comes up with a new song favorite star. It is accompanied by another narrative music video, which is directly connected to the story of the previous one. It was again filmed in Prague and the main roles are played by American actors Ashley Moore and Gus Kenworthy.

The new Karin Ann was produced by Brit Sacha Skarbek and wrapped her dream pop in an attractive arrangement with twangy “Bond” guitars. The song is about how every relationship, be it friendship or love affair, leaves a mark on those involved.

“The imprint that relationships often left on me was the trauma of the other person. What he or she had experienced or was experiencing. I often took it upon myself to take on other people’s problems, trying to solve them and thinking I was helping. That’s what the song is about too,” Karin Ann describes.

The song also reveals another theme in relationships, namely how a person can change depending on who they are with, but their true nature is hidden. The lyrics inspire listeners to surround themselves with people who are honest and don’t bring toxicity into relationships.

The video accompanying the song, is the second part of a short film by American filmmaking duo Tusk. The spy romance of the first installment followed a young secretary (Karin Ann) at a Hollywood movie studio who was tasked with finding out the truth about a movie star’s (Ashley Moore) scandalized love affairs with various men. While spying, she discovered that such affairs were a cover for her true sexual identity, highly taboo at the time.

And the open ending is now followed up by the narrative denouement of the favorite star video. Throughout the film, it seems as if the secretary and the actress may have a connection of sorts. However, the story takes the audience into scenes where Karin is seen torn between her love for the actress and her work, which eventually results in a surprising media scandal.

Karin Ann has quickly made a name for herself as a Generation Z icon across Europe and now the world. Her lyrics delve deep into themes of gender equality, mental health and human rights, as well as tackling the inner turmoil of the 20-year-old mind – young love, toxic relationships and insecurities. An outspoken advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and minority rights, the artist’s music balances perfectly between alternative and mainstream. The work of the Czech-Slovak singer, who has been widely nominated for the Anděl Awards and won Report magazine’s Žebřík poll, has not escaped the attention of global media such as NOTION, HUNGER, Wonderland, Kerrang!, Vogue, MTV, ELLE, PROUD Radio Apple Music and BBC Radio 1.