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The Valentine’s video of O5 and Radeček contains an incredible 600 photos of fans in love. Even celebrities got involved

The band O5 and Radeček prepared a Valentine’s Day version of the clip for the current hit Romantic Strings, in which over 600 pairs of fans participated. The video is composed of photos and videos that were sent by the band’s fans in response to a call on social networks.

The clip also features a number of celebrities with their partners, such as Ivan Hlas, Pokáč, Voxel, Lukáš Pavlásek, Radek Banga, Nikol and Karel Heřmánkovi and others.

This year, Radečči has also prepared a special concert line for all those in love accompanied by the string ensemble of the Olomouc Philharmonic Ceremony String Quartet. The tour, titled Romantic Strings on Valentine’s Day, will start on February 13 in Liberec, followed by Prague’s Žofín Palace, Šumperk, and will conclude on February 16 with a performance in the concert hall of the Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc. The tour is hopelessly sold out including the added concerts. There are still a few tickets left for Prague’s Žofín, where the band has moved the performance to a larger hall.