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The Tiger Lillies will say goodbye to the Archa theater in concert

The British group The Tiger Lillies has been a frequent guest of Prague clubs since the early nineties. Her attractive mix of Brechtian cabaret, punk and songwriting won her fans not only with spontaneous concerts, but also with the literary and musical quality of her songs. As interest in their performances grew, so did the halls in which the band played, until they finally found their home in Prague’s Archa. The Tiger Lilles will say goodbye to the theater that will close this year on April 23. Tickets are on sale in GoOut.

The original trio will bring a cross-section of their career to Prague. The band, led by frontman Martyn Jacques, who characterizes their style as a Brechtian punk cabaret, has a Grammy nomination to their credit, and the famous newspaper The Times wrote about them that “in an ideal world, The Tiger Lillies would represent Britain at Eurovision.”

“Tiger Lillies played many excellent concerts here, celebrated their twenties here or recorded the excellent album Devil’s Fairground together with the Berg Orchestra, arranged by Michal Nejtek. This time they come to Archa with a dark and deviant repertoire delving into their own past. The band will present their most famous songs and have also prepared unexpected surprises,” the director of the Archa theater Ondřej Hrab invites to the concert.

According to him, Tiger Lillies have a reputation as one of the most important avant-garde bands in the world, and even years later, they continue to shock and entertain with their inimitable musical style, evoking the terrible charm of pre-war Berlin combined with the wild edge of punk.

“The world of Tiger Lillies is dark, cruel, diverse, with moments of dark humor, but it is also imbued with love for the weak and on the fringes of society. In addition to concerts, they also have a number of theater productions to their credit. In 2010, they created the production Here I Am a Man in Archa, they won the Laurence Olivier Award in 2002 for the punk opera Shockheaded Peter, they recently staged Hamlet in Denmark, Vojcka and others in Vienna,” adds Hrab.

The group was formed in 1989 in London, and their first trip abroad was to Prague, and then they often returned to the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the nineties, they performed in underground clubs and in local pubs throughout the country. In its 34 years of existence, it recorded 39 studio and live albums.