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The new holders of Slavík, the band O5 a Radeček, have a surprise for their fans. A new version of the award-winning song Hory

The musical group O5 and Radeček, which won this year’s Czech Slavík Awards in the Song of the Year category, prepared a new version of the award-winning composition Hora for the fans.

According to singer Tomáš Polák, this is a small gift to all fans for the great support the band from the Jesenice Mountains received in the popularity poll. During the voting, it received more votes than the nominated hits from the bands Mirai, Jelen and the singer Marek Ztracený.

“This award belongs 100% to our fans. Nightingale is not our merit, nor do we have it thanks to some jury or academy. The song Hory was sent thousands of votes by our fans and it was only thanks to them that she won in a huge competition of great songs. We appreciate it and will never take your favor for granted,” said Tomáš.

As a thank you, the band is now releasing a newly produced version of the award-winning song Hora. The well-known slogan “Sorry I like mountains!” can be sung in a new arrangement and mix.

“With a song about mountains, we wanted to please everyone who has an overview, likes to look at things from above and is not afraid to step into it sometimes. We address everyone who goes to the mountains in winter or summer, for hikes, hikes, on foot and by bike or simply for whatever they like. We ourselves have a very intimate relationship with the mountains, after all, we all come from Jeseníky,” recalled the singer.

In addition to winning the Český slavík survey, the song Hory is also celebrating success on the radio, where it has been one of the most played singles for several months. The song is accompanied by the entire Mountains project, which includes the Czech Everest challenge, special merch for the mountains or the upcoming tour, which starts on December 9 at the ski area in Karlov pod Pradědem. The most successful Czech climber Radek Jaroš became the patron of the Hory project.


9/12/2023, Karlov pod Pradědem, Ski Arena
9/2/2024, Hanušovice, Cultural House
24/02/2024, Pec pod Sněžkou, Klondike
8/3/2024, Liberec, Club Bunkr
9/3/2024, Jihlava, D-club
12/3/2024, Prague, Roxy
23/3/2024, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Cultural House

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