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The first single from the anticipated album of musician Marcell is out. The song Jablko/Skořice also comes with a visual

Singer-songwriter Marcell releases the first single Jablko/Skořice from his upcoming album Hovory Domů. The debut album is due for release on November 18th and has been in the works for the last two years in Prague, Berlin and mostly in London. A music video for the current melancholic single Jablko/Skořice was shot at sunrise in a castle meadow.

“The song is special in that its base, acoustic guitar and vocals, were recorded together, so to speak, on a “one take”, which is not done so much nowadays. Thanks to this, the song can draw you in with its sincere mood. In the studio, producer fiedlerski and I decided to finish up the additional vocals and add minimalistic arrangements, but it doesn’t build up to a grand finale, which maybe everyone would expect. I believe a lot of people can relate to the lyrics of this song,” says Marcell.

“The filming of the video took place in Hrádek near Nechanice, where Tmavomodrý svět was filmed. We wanted to underline the atmosphere of the song, which I think we managed to do with the director Marek Jarkovský. It also features an English phone booth, which you will hear more about on the new album, but I don’t want to reveal anything yet,” Marcell adds.

Jablko/Skořice is the first single from the debut album that Marcell is currently finishing. “I’m a perfectionist, so I’m trying to tweak things to make sure I’m really happy with them, but we’re finally getting close to the final versions of all the songs on my first record, Hovory Domů, and turning in the album master,” the musician reveals.

Marcell has collaborated on the record with important personalities of the Czech music scene, such as music producer Ondrej Fiedler aka fiedlerski, musician David Zbirka, Ben Cristovao will also appear as a guest on the record and other names should be announced soon. “I’ve been lucky enough to work with people I respect not only professionally, but also personally. It’s been an intense but wonderful two years of working and spending time with friends, and I really love what we’ve been able to create,” said Marcell.

Fans can look forward to “Hovory Domů” on November 18, 2022, when the album will be released not only digitally on all streaming platforms, but also on physical media.