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The Energy for Culture Festival is starting its fourth year. This year, he will head to 6 cities, where he will lead an epic SNOWFLAKES show this time: Amerikánka, concerts by Ewa Farná, Xindl X, Anna K., Michal Hrůza and many others

The fourth year of the traveling music and theater festival Energy for Culture will once again bring a rich cultural program to the regions. This year, visitors can look forward to, for example, Michal Hrůza’s band, Poetika, Xindl X or singers Anna K or Ewa Farna and many others.

A unique experience will definitely be SNOWFLAKES: The American Woman, an epic show of authentic confessions, a musical, a drama, a fashion show, a live trailer for the movie AMERICAN WOMAN and another chapter in the story about the fact that no one can take hope away from us unless we decide to give it up ourselves. The goal of the festival is to connect local artists with well-known names and also support ecology. Entry is free for visitors.

“I’m glad that we once again managed to put together a rich cultural program as a team, which will connect local artists with those known in the mainstream and thus provide visitors with cultural experiences for the whole family,” describes Martina Tůmová, the festival’s organizer. “The festival was originally created to support artists during covid and its aim was to help cultural and educational institutions in the regions. Since then, we have visited 21 cities, the festival was visited by around 50,000 visitors, 126 artists or ensembles performed, including 26 ensembles from the ZUŠ and around 30 local ensembles and artists,” says Robin Fritzen for the organizing agency.

This year’s touring festival will be accompanied, as usual, by the Cirk La Putyka ensemble, this time with a concert with the circus sounds of Horáček GEN XYZ, where Ondřej Ruml and Naďa Válová will perform in the main roles. The theater part of the festival will also include a drama inspired by real life stories about freedom and the desire to live called SNOWFLAKES: American Girl. The path to Americana on screen led through several forms of Americana on the stage, so this way she returns to her roots and gives the audience a unique chance to experience the energy and meaningfulness of the integration of these extraordinary children full of energy, joy and determination. Directed by Viktor Tauš.

The music day will dance to the tunes of the bands Poetika, Xindla X., Michal Hrůza, Ewa Farná, Anna K., Marcello, Sebastian, Thom Artway and others. Saturday afternoon will always be dedicated to children. They can sing well-known songs from fairy tales with the band Kujme Pikle, actor Tomáš Měcháček will come with his road-show for children “Three met and it happened”. Due to last year’s great success, the La Putyka Circus workshop will not be missing, where children can try out what training acrobats entails. The Divadlo Údif troupe will present the audience with a science show with visually attractive experiments from the world of physics. And this year, children’s visitors will also be treated to a unique creative workshop by the JELENI NELENÍ studio.

At each stop of the festival, it will be possible to step on the pedals of the special charitable Orange Wheel of the ČEZ Foundation and support two local non-profit organizations with your sporting performance. Visitors can solve any fatigue by resting in the ČEZ Energy zone. In addition to the chill-out zone with the possibility to recharge mobile phones, there are also interactive games and a photo corner. An integral part of the festival will also be the gastro zone, which, like every year, will be enriched by local gastro businesses.

In addition, the event tries to follow and show the public the world trends of festival culture, such as sorting waste, maintaining “zero waste” ethics, and presents current technologies that move the cultural experience into the area of sustainability. This year, the Energy for Culture Festival will visit Hodonín (June 9-10), Hradec Králové (June 16-17), České Budějovice (August 25-26), Třebíč (September 1-2), Ústí nad Labem (September 15 – 16) and Plzeň (September 22 – 23).