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The band O5 and Radeček teamed up with Radek Jaroš and confess their love for the mountains

Sorry I like mountains! This is how the beginning of the chorus of the hit song HORY by the band O5 and Radeček sounds, for which a playful video clip has just been released.

The single has been hitting the Czech radio airwaves for several weeks and immediately became an anthem for all mountain fans. In addition to the clip, the band prepared other activities related to the theme of the song. It thus follows on from the success of the BRA3 project, but this time, instead of brotherhood, it focuses on the mountains and all those who have hills in their hearts. The most successful Czech climber, Radek Jaroš, became the patron of the project.

“With a song about mountains, we wanted to please everyone who has an overview, likes to look at things from above and is not afraid to step into it sometimes. We want to reach everyone who goes to the mountains in winter or summer, for hikes, hikes, on foot and by bike or simply for whatever they like. We ourselves have a very intimate relationship with the mountains, after all, we all come from Jeseníky,” recalled singer Tomáš Polák.

Who else should be the patron of such a project than Radek Jaroš, the most famous and successful Czech mountaineer today, nicknamed “Radeček” by his fellow climbers. He became the 15th mountaineer in the world and the first Czech to climb all 14 world eight-thousanders without the use of oxygen. In 2019, he completed ascents to the highest peaks of all continents. “Together with Radek, we have prepared the Czech Everest challenge, which will motivate to conquer Czech peaks, to move and share experiences,” Polák revealed, while the reward should be a joint ascent to the mountains with “Radeček” Jaroš and O5 a Radeček.

HORY’s title hit has now received a visual form. The clip was directed by Jakub Mahdal, and during the filming, a simple choreography was created for the chorus of the single, which is currently also resonating on social networks. “We had a lot of concerts in the summer and every time we start playing HORY, people sing and imitate our dance. Maybe it will become a Czech Macarena,” laughs Tomáš Polák.

The band wants to involve fans and mountain lovers in the project all year round. He has prepared for them various competitions, joint hikes, challenges on social networks and a lot of other activities, including special merch with goodies for the mountains. The highlight of the project will be a string of concerts, which will take place elsewhere than in the mountains. The band will announce specific locations and dates by the end of September.

Website for the HORY project: