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The band O5 a Radeček will go on a Valentine’s Day tour accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra

At the beginning of 2023, the popular band O5 and Radeček will play Valentine’s Day concerts dedicated to all those in love, as well as those looking for love. The tour, called Romantic Strings, will start on 13 February in Liberec, followed by Prague’s Palác Žofín, their home town of Šumperk, and will end on 16 February with a performance at the Moravian Philharmonic Hall in Olomouc. Tickets have just gone on sale in the network.

“As a band we are rockers at heart, but our greatest hits are about love. That’s why we decided to do a romantic tour, which will feature string arrangements of songs like Vloupám se, Praha, Máš me na svědomí, Sex ve sprše and of course the current radio hit Romantický smyčce, after which we named the whole tour,” explains singer Tomino Polák. The band will live up to the name of the tour not only by choosing a romantic repertoire, but also by the accompaniment of the string ensemble of the Olomouc Philharmonic Ceremony String Quartet, which will add a unique atmosphere to the concert. 

This will be the first ever tour for Radečky to present their songs arranged by a classical ensemble. At the same time, it will be a return to the band’s roots, as the boys met as children in an orchestra and guitarist Radek Sekyra is still the conductor of the chamber orchestra.

“The Valentine’s Day tour is something we have been thinking about for a long time. With the current success of the song Romantic Strings, the time was right to make it happen. Everything will take place in beautiful sublime locations with an atmosphere perfect for a romantic date or for finding new love,” added singer Tomino.


13.2. Liberec, KC 101010

14.2. Prague, Žofín Palace

15.2. Šumperk, Theatre

16.2. Olomouc, Reduta MFO

Advance ticket sales: