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Singer Marcell releases debut album Hovory Domů

Talented singer, songwriter and producer Marcell releases his long-awaited debut album titled Calls Home. The album has been two years in the making and was recorded in Prague, Berlin and London. Listeners will find fifteen tracks on the album, including hits such as Your World, Apple/Cinnamon and Nevim in collaboration with Ben Cristovao.

“The title Calls Home is related to the fact that I lived between London and Prague for four years. I was in contact with my family, friends and my wife very often by phone. It was a difficult time in terms of relationships and as the record reflects that time, it’s reflected in the lyrics of a lot of the songs,” Marcell revealed.

Cover alba Hovory domů

The release of the new album is accompanied by an original promo. On billboards and posters around Prague, there was a phone number where fans could call for free and listen to samples from the new album. The phone line with the number 800 111 003 is still active. Billboards and posters are accompanied by a photo of the iconic English phone booth, which also appeared in the Apple / Cinnamon music video and is on the album cover. 

The main part of the recording process took place at the legendary Snap Studio in London, where the world famous band The Rolling Stones recorded earlier this year. It’s also interesting to note that the piano grand piano featured on the songs “Promises”, “Looking for Home” and “Shining Place” originally belonged to Elton John.

The musicians who accompany him in concerts at home came to London to record with Marcell. They are Matyáš Vorda on drums and Ondřej Fiedler on electric guitar and bass guitar. The latter is also the main producer of the album and supplies: “I wrote most of the lyrics and music with Marcell, I left a piece of myself in there, but when you’re working with one of your best mates and basically there’s no pressure, it just works itself out.”

The Marcell, fiedlerski, Vorda line-up was joined by musicians David Zbirka and Patrick James Fitzroy during the record’s recording in England in August. They contributed to the album by recording instruments such as guitar, bass and keyboards and helped with the musical arrangements on a number of songs. David and Patrick have also worked as producers on Meky Žbirka’s last album “Posledné věci”.

Other guests on Marcell’s new album, besides the aforementioned Ben Cristovao on the song “Nevim”, are Paulie Garand on “Looking for Home” and Mirai on the closing track “Doctor / Muzikant”.

,,It’s about an authentic recording of my bachelor party. The inspiration for Mirai, who spontaneously created the song at sunrise amidst the vineyards of South Moravia, was my, I admit, still somewhat ongoing dilemma to this day, whether to pursue a career as a doctor or a musician. And so on the recording you can hear Mirai’s singing, but also the voice of Fiedlerski, which you just don’t hear anywhere else, my closest friends, my brothers, and the very distinctive voice of my dad, the vet,” Marcell recalls.