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Singer Lenka Nová starts the Vila Tour

The connection of top architecture and music in places whose artistic quality has been tested by time, and which are interesting not only architecturally, but also humanly. Places that were accompanied by strong human stories, just as it is in the songs of the singer Lenka Nová. Her planned Vila Tour offers all of this to fans. This year’s concert series will start in Prague’s Winternitz Villa on Monday, May 8, accompanied by Petr Malásk, guitarist Josef Štěpánek and jazz double bass player Rasť Uhrík. At the same time, visitors can look forward to interesting facts about the history of the villa from the mouth of David Cysár, a descendant of the original owners, followed by an individual tour of the villa.

The next stops will be on 6/3 in the Beskydy mountains in a mountain hut by architect Jurkovič in Nové Libušín, 8/14 in Villa Tugendhat in Brno, 8/16 in Volman’s villa Čelákovice and 11/22 in Semler’s residence by Adolf Loos in Pilsen . Tickets are still on sale in the network. Each concert and ticket also includes a guided tour of each villa and a wine tasting from the family winery.

“The idea for this tour was born in the winter of 2021 in deep lockdown, when I very intensely wanted to experience something beautiful. And my thoughts led me to connect beautiful, architecturally interesting objects and my music, full of emotions and stories. And stories are the line that connects us. Each of these objects has a very interesting, often turbulent history behind it and various human destinies, just as it is in my songs. They are such chamber specials, of which I perform only a few each year, and due to the size of the objects, the audience capacity is also limited,” says Lenka Nová, who will be leaving the Vila Tour for the second time this year.

“I am always accompanied at concerts by top musicians. In addition to the music, the audience will hear everything important about the history of the place, they will be able to view it in peace and then let the whole evening fade away in the garden of the residence with a glass of good wine. It’s like a four-hour spa in the middle of the working week,” adds Nová.

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