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Sazka teamed up with the legendary PAC-MAN

The legendary arcade game PAC-MAN enters the Czech market in the form of a set of online lottery tickets from Sazka. It will offer a full experience of the original maze and, with a little luck, a win of up to five million.

PAC-MAN is a cult game, a symbol of its time, a platform game from Namco, which was first released in Japan on May 22, 1980, and therefore recently celebrated its 43rd birthday. The goal of the game at the time was to deviate from the market saturated with action shooters and offer a slightly different gaming experience. Therefore, when Sazka was looking for a suitable gaming partner to transfer between online lottery games, PAC-MAN was the obvious choice.

“Sazka is a world of entertainment and who else should enter such a world than PAC-MAN. The online lottery customer expects not only to try their luck with us, but also to have a good time. That’s why we give him PAC-MAN, with which he will search for winnings in the maze, escape ghosts and collect bonus symbols representing extra games,” says Marek Doubrava, brand manager of online lottery tickets.

Sazka offers the round hero in four versions, which enhances the gaming experience and the possibility of the main prize, which is five million crowns. The best game is offered by the so-called Big PAC-MAN, an original maze at its best with the possibility of becoming the holder of the aforementioned five million at the end. The next version, simply called PAC-MAN, lets the player into his world for only fifty crowns, and a million and a half awaits at one of the three escapes from the maze. Little PAC-MAN offers for twenty crowns the chance to win up to half a million if you wipe the right symbols, and the latest version of the Mini PAC-MAN game for five crowns allows you to win up to fifty thousand crowns.

Play with your wits | The Ministry of Finance warns: Participating in a gambling game can lead to addiction. Prohibition on the participation of persons under the age of 18 in gambling.