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O5 and Radeček will surprise fans on the holiday of love

On the occasion of May 1st, the holiday of love, the band O5 and Radeček will release several recordings that commemorate the successful Valentine’s Day tour of Romantic Strings. Fans can look forward to a TV recording of the concert in Prague’s Žofín Palace as well as live audio tracks on all streaming platforms. Radečci are the first to release a concert version of the music video for the song Romantic String accompanied by the quartet of the Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc.

“Actually, we didn’t even think in advance that the Valentine’s Day tour would be such a success. So we’re very happy that we at least brought TV equipment to Prague and we can give our fans a present on the Czech Valentine’s Day. After two months, they can see all the beauty of Žofín together with to relive with us,” says singer Tomáš Polák.

Now the Radečci are presenting the first swallow from the filmed material. “From the footage taken during the concert in Žofín, among other things, a new live version of the video clip for the song Romantic Strings, after which the entire tour was named, was created. We hope that the video, which we publish just a few days before the first of May, will help people get into the right loving mood ,” adds singer Tomino with a smile.

Listeners will find live hits like Vloupám se or Romantický smyčce on streaming platforms already this week, and on Monday, May 1, they can enjoy a complete video recording of the entire concert. Radečci will publish it on their YouTube channel, but before that, on the evening of April 30, the concert will be broadcast in the television premiere of TV Óčko Star.