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NO NAME present a new album and will go on a Czech-Slovak tour with the band Nocadeň in 2024

The popular Slovak group NO NAME is going on tour together with the band Nocadeň, the concert line will start on March 21, 2024 in Košice and the grand finale will take place on April 20, 2024 in O2 universum. At the same time, NO NAME is releasing a new album after eight years with the title In the original version.

In August 2023, the bands NO NAME and Nocadeň presented a music video for the title song V povolnom zenení, which foreshadowed the release of a new album, but also a joint Czech-Slovak tour, which will start in the city that is the home of both bands, Košice, and end with a grand finale 20 4. 2024 in O2 universum Prague. It will also stop in Bratislava, Ostrava and Brno.

The duet of Igor Timek and Rasta Kopina from Nocadeň came about very naturally. Igor and Rasť are former classmates from the State Conservatory in Košice, where they even sat on the same bench. “Igor and I have been friends for many years since high school. After my return to the conservatory, we even sat in the same class and desk. And I also remember how Igor played me their first demo recordings. Our destinies are quite intertwined, so a joint song is only a logical outcome. We both knew what we could expect from each other after so many years, but I still feel that we were able to surprise each other a little,” says Rasťo Kopina with a smile.

“Nocadeň are exceptional in terms of authorship and poetics. From the new song, I have the feeling that we are drawing each other into other worlds and other poetics. Rasťo is a perceptive and sensitive person, we have known each other since our student years. We were fifteen and studied at the music drama field. I think our cooperation was not a question of why, but when,” confided Igor Timko.

The new album In its original form was released almost eight years after the release of the album With Love from 2016. The album contains 11 tracks, which opens with the instrumental song Šumava, inspired by the life of keyboardist Zoltán Šallai and his family in the picturesque town of Nýrsko. It is followed by the well-known Elity hit, the third single is the mentioned duet with Nocadeň. Fans also know the song Vianoce s Božidara, which the band presented last Christmas. It is a duet with Slovak actress and professor Božidara Turzonovová. The album In the original version will also be released physically on December 5, 2023.

“Since the release of our last album, ideas have gradually started to come. We are once again sticking to our defined principle: Sing what you feel and live what you sing. It is quite natural for our generation of forty-somethings to realize that we are in the middle of a growing up process, maybe in the middle of a life journey . And it is during this period that a person needs a sense of security, the knowledge that he can rely on someone, that he knows where he belongs. Wings grow only for those who believe in others. Confrontation with oneself and with life is the awaited moment”, concludes Igor Timko .

Tour 2024 – NO NAME and NOCADEŇ

21/03/2024 – Košice (Stará Jazdiareň Sports Hall)
23/03/2024 – Bratislava (Sportová hala Pasienky)
5/4/2024 – Ostrava (Tatran Hall)
12/04/2024 – Brno (SONO CENTRE)
20/04/2024 – Prague (O2 universum)

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