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Mushroom season in full swing: Sazka has prepared a special online lottery not only for mushroom lovers

Warm and simultaneously rainy weather favors mushrooms, so mushroom pickers finally report that they are “growing” from the forests. That is also why the Sazka company has prepared new mushroom-themed online lottery tickets for its customers, including an encyclopedia and recipes from this popular Czech delicacy.

“We know how much Czechs love mushroom picking, so we decided to go against it a little. In a new online lottery, mushrooms are revealed, and the edible ones, unlike the inedible ones, will bring the player a win, so people can get a little education. In addition, the game also contains a small encyclopedia of mushrooms, which sometimes also offers popular recipes,” says Marek Doubrava, brand manager of Sazka’s online lottery. The ticket costs 20 crowns and you can win up to half a million crowns thanks to it.

Czechs are probably among the biggest mushroom pickers in the world. According to unofficial data, almost three quarters of the population of the republic collect mushrooms. Collecting mushrooms that are not subject to any protection is permitted with some exceptions, but their quantity is not regulated either.