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Like-it presents new EP A Vista. The video for the title single “So long” is also released

Trebic pop band Like-it comes with a new EP called A Vista. The EP includes five songs that the members of Like-it wrote, but also experienced, reflecting their feelings from the Covid era. The current single Tak na viděnou also features a music video, in which singer Dominik Kříž even cut a love scene with actress Katerina Bláhová.

“Katka and I once met at the Vranov Dam during the filming of the movie Provařená. We got along great back then, so everything went smoothly during the filming of our music video,” says Dominik Kříž with a smile, who enjoyed the love scenes very much. “I really enjoy acting, so even the shower scenes were not unpleasant,” he adds.

Kateřina Bláhová, who appeared in the series Vyprávěj or Mazalové, also recalls the filming with a smile: “At one point I thought he was even leading me. He’s patient and confident, I would love to play with him again.”

Apart from the pilot single “So See You Later”, the EP contains four other tracks that build on each other. The songs were written during the Covid era and reflect the feelings that many people must have been experiencing. A sense of hopelessness, but at the same time a belief in a better tomorrow. On the EP the band says goodbye to the difficult times of the last years and also comes with new energy.

On the album Like-it they collaborated with their longtime friend producer Ondrej Zatkuliak, lyricist and composer Honza Vávra, singer Sabina Ulmanová, or with lyricist Petr Roreček and guitarist Lukas Chromek, with whom they joined forces for a songwriting camp.

“The cover of the EP features the outline of a seagull, which symbolizes the regained freedom and zest for life, just like the album A Vista itself,” concludes Kříž. Last July, the boys released their debut album City in the City, which includes successful radio hits like Sigh, Frost and Wings.