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Like-it present a new music video for the single Na paty stoupám. In it, the singer overcame his fear of flying

The Třebíč band Like-it comes out with a new single called Na paty stoupám, for which they also release a video clip. Frontman Dominik Kříž even levitates in the new video.

“We worked with the team around director Richard Stiebler for the first time and we got along great, there was a very friendly atmosphere on the set. Filming in general is always a lot of fun for me,” describes Dominik Kříž. The singer even had to levitate during filming. “Levitation wasn’t that difficult, I imagined it worse. Anyway, I’m very glad that I tried something new again. Otherwise, I don’t really like flying as such, on the contrary, I’m quite afraid. I flew to Greece once, and after my experience with the plane, I only go to Croatia by car. And my evening watching plane disasters probably won’t add much to it either,” revealed the frontman with a smile.

The new single Na paty stoupám, which some domestic radios have already put into their rotations, was once again created by the collaboration of the whole band. “We write all the songs together. For this single, we also received friendly help from the band Brixtn, specifically from the brothers Štěpán and Matěj. The guys heard our song at a joint party, and word got around and we took it together and you already know the result,” says guitarist Daniel Dukovský.

The band Like-it has big plans. “We definitely want to release a few singles by the end of the year and release a new record next year! We are currently running a season of summer concerts and are preparing a spring line-up,” concludes Dominik Kříž.