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Like-it embark on their first club tour and present a new single in which the singer opens up about a difficult breakup

The popular band Like-it from Třebíč, headed by Dominik Kříž, is releasing a new single I haven’t slept for a long time and at the same time they are going on their first club tour, which will start on December 1st in Kopřivnice and end on March 26th in Prague’s Rock Café.

The new I haven’t slept in a long time surprises with a darker mood. In it, Dominik Kříž, the singer and author of the new single, talks about a difficult breakup.

“I actually wrote the single for a person who was going through something similar. I myself got into the situation that describes the mood of the song only after some time, when the song was already finished. In short, I had no idea that in the house where I lived with my partner, I was actually writing for myself,” Kříž describes. Dominik admits that he has not fully recovered from the recent breakup. “The breakup was really painful for me. I fell into a deep depression. If I didn’t have such a great group of people around me, I don’t know how it would have turned out. I really appreciate their support, today I’m much better and I’m glad that it’s described in the song,” adds Dominik Kříž.

The emotional single was accompanied by a music video, which was shot at Obora Hvězda in Prague under the baton of director Richard Stiebler, who also collaborated with the band on the previous music video for the single Na paty stoupám.

“There’s a great family atmosphere with Richard and his whole team and we like it that way. Everything is prepared from A to Z, and if you sit down with a person in all directions, there is no reason to change these things,” says drummer Pavel Jansa.

At the same time, Like-it embarks on its first club tour. The concert line will start on December 1 in Kopřivnice, and by the end of the year the band will stop in Plzeň and Telč, and the tour will continue after the new year in Třebíč, Brno and end in Prague’s Rock Café.

“We are really looking forward to the tour. The fans definitely have something to look forward to, we want to prepare an interesting show, but we don’t want to reveal the details yet. What, but we can reveal that the newer singles that we released this year will definitely be heard,” revealed the singer.


1/12/2023 – Koprivnice (Music Bar Drago)
6/12/2023 – Pilsen (Anděl Music Bar)
8/12/2024 – Telč (Mexx Club)
22/03/2024 – Třebíč (Roxy Club)
23/03/2024 – Brno (Metro Music Bar)
26/03/2024 – Prague (Rock Café)

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