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Lenka Nová is preparing a Lala Gala gala concert at the ABC Theatre

Singer Lenka Nová has prepared for her fans the last Prague concert of the year, which will take place on October 24 at the ABC Theatre. The concert set is called Lala Gala, and Lenka will welcome her traditional musician colleagues, as well as the string quartet Eve Quartet and singer Ondřej Ruml. Tickets are already on sale at

“Once again, I invited my long-time friends and musicians, guitarist Josef Štěpánek, pianist Matej Benko, and bassist Rasťa Uhrík. This trio will be complemented by the all-female string quartet Eve Quartet, and a special guemast will be singer Ondřej Ruml. I see this concert as a certain closure of my musical period connected with the album Letters. My thoughts are already directed towards the new album, from which I would like to play at least a small sample at the concert”, says Lenka Nová.

In addition to the novelties, concertgoers can look forward to proven songs from the singer’s previous repertoire with lyrics by Michal Horáček, Tomáš Belko or Lukáš Pavlásek. At the same time, a small sample of the upcoming album, which should be released next year, is also ready.

As part of the concert, Lenka Nová will also bring out several interesting gowns from leading Czech designers.

“I will be wearing models from Liběna Rochová, Zuzana Kubíčková, or the Leeda brand. The costume is always very important to me, I have to feel relaxed and comfortable in it so that I can fully concentrate on the music. At the same time, I want it to appear feminine and complete the atmosphere that is created on the stage,” Nová concludes.