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Karin Ann contradicts the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” in her new single

Czechoslovak singer Karin Ann comes with a new single “for a moment”. The track with a catchy atmospheric sound will also attract attention with its socially conscious theme. The 20-year-old singer, who last year opened for Imagine Dragons, My Chemical Romance and played sold-out concerts for British singer YUNGBLUD and American star LP, admits that she wrote the song after being reminded of the quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. And she realised she had a different take on it than most people. The single is accompanied by a visualizer video that was shot in Malibu.  

“Even if what you’re going through makes you who you are, it doesn’t always make you stronger. Sometimes it causes you trauma or problems that you then have to go through that can affect your life. And people expect you not to be sad or angry about it afterwards,” Karin Ann reflects, admitting that writing the song was also a form of therapy for her. 

“It’s about accepting the bad things you’ve been through, it’s about accepting that healing takes time, and that it’s okay to not feel good. It’s about accepting everything that happened and taking conscious steps to heal,” says the singer, who takes a similar view of the phrase “time heals.”  

“According to him, you should forget about how bad the things you went through were. But even that won’t magically heal you unless you take conscious steps to heal,” she muses.  

The track “for a moment” offers a pleasant atmospheric sound that is sure to engage the listener. Mitch McCarthy, the man behind the sound of Olivia Rodrigo’s biggest hit Drivers License, took on the musical mix.  

In addition to music, Karin Ann has long been an advocate for LGBTQ+ and minority rights. She has won numerous awards for her work, including Best Music Video at the Munich Music Awards and Discovery of the Year at the Zebrik Awards in the Czech Republic. In August 2021, she made history as the first Slovak artist to be featured on a Times Square billboard as part of Spotify’s EQUAL Music Program.