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Austrian player enters the Czech construction market to save people money on energy bills

Austrotherm GmbH, a leading European manufacturer of quality thermal and acoustic insulation, enters the Czech market with building materials. The brand, which has been helping people save energy with its products since 1953, has bought domestic insulation manufacturer DCD IDEAL. The Austrian Austrotherm Group has now acquired production plants in Dynín in the České Budějovice region and in Slavětín near Litovel in the Olomouc region. The group’s entry into the Czech market means mainly new investments in production technology, employees, logistics and a product portfolio that has not been available in the Czech Republic before.   

“With the acquisition of DCD IDEAL, we are occupying the last vacant site in our main markets in Central and Eastern Europe, thus strengthening the position of the Austrotherm brand on the European market. Both DCD IDEAL and Austrotherm are successful family-owned companies that are very compatible in terms of their corporate culture,” comments Klaus Haberfellner, General Manager of Austrotherm Group, on the acquisition, which continues the Group’s investment in the production and distribution network of its core expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene products. 

Austrotherm differentiates itself from its competitors by the breadth of its product portfolio and high quality. It draws on seventy years of experience, in-house sophisticated research and development of innovations and adherence to high quality and environmental standards. “Customers can thus have first-class and safe insulation materials for their energy reduction projects from a manufacturer that itself contributes to a better environment through its innovations,” adds Czech Managing Director Martin Trešl. 

Among other things, the company holds a certificate that Austria has been awarding to particularly environmentally friendly products for 30 years. “Every four years, products are also tested for their life cycle as part of the certification. The environmental impact during production, use and disposal is taken into account. The consumption of raw materials, energy, toxicity of components, emissions, waste water, noise, waste and recyclability are also examined, as well as packaging, distribution and transport,” says Martin Trešl, adding that Austrotherm has set itself highly ambitious targets for the rest of the decade to reduce its carbon footprint by a full 30 percent. 

The Austrotherm Group is part of the Austrian SIH Group (Schmid Industrie Holding), which brings together several major brands in the building materials and building chemicals industry (Baumit, Murexin and others). The group includes more than 100 companies, represented in 20 countries. It is one of the largest wholly privately owned building material groups in Europe. Austrotherm itself has 26 sites for the production of insulation materials in 12 countries. The company is headquartered in Wopfing, Austria, and has production sites in Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Croatia.