Karel Havlíček is a Czech composer, multi-instrumentalist and an author of unique film scores, music for TV series, advertisements and of musical scores. His work reaches far beyond the Czech scene and as a composer, he has made a name for himself internationally, being partially based in LA. He is also a member of Southpaw, a successful Czech band, which he composes music for as well as plays the keyboard in. Earlier in 2021 Southpaw released an album called “I’m really gonna miss these songs when I’m dead”, after an 11 year hiatus, which was very well received.

As a solo artist, Karel made his debut with a neoclassical album Spoken released in 2020. SPOKEN consists of seventeen songs Havlíček recorded in studios in Prague and Los Angeles and it was released under Seraph Records, an LA based label. The solo album is the result of the most profound thoughts, emotions, and stories, reflecting Karel’s life and experiences from two completely different parts of the world. A major element of the emotionally rich album is piano, often accompanied by symphony orchestra and ambient electronics


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