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Anna K’s hit “O Tobě i o mně”, which appeared in wider nominations for the Angel Awards, is going on an acoustic tour!

Singer Anna K. is finishing preparations for her next tour. During 10 stops throughout the Czech Republic, he will present popular acoustic concerts. With his band, he will present the biggest hits, including the new song “O Tobě i o mně” in acoustic arrangements.

The single, which has been rotating on radio frequencies since the summer of last year, was heard for the first time at the December concert in the Hybernia theater. Now fans will be able to enjoy it on a tour that starts on March 10 in Zlín and ends on May 5 in Chomutov. About you and me is a success not only with listeners, but also with the professional public. He got a wider nomination for the Angel Awards in the Song of the Year category!

As the tour is only a few days away, rehearsals are in full swing. “We’ve been playing acoustic arrangements of our songs for several years, so we’re only adding newer singles like Na Malou chvíli and O Tobě i o mně, and coming up with some little surprises for fans who already know our acoustic concerts and come faithfully every year. It’s always a beautiful energy, a cauldron, and even if it’s a seated concert, towards the end people are standing and dancing and singing. I love the atmosphere, how a decent concert turns into a cracking musical party, from which people leave smiling and full of energy,” says the singer about the preparation.

Anna K. is most looking forward to the premiere itself in Zlín on March 10, because, according to her, there is usually a great audience there. “I’m still looking forward to all the stops on our tour and meeting people not only from the stage, but also in person, for example at autograph signings, which I like to do for fans at my concerts.

Anna K.’s latest single, titled “O Tobě i o mně”, which was produced by the five-time winner of the prestigious American Grammy Award, Chris Lord-Alge, together with its author, Tomáš Vartecky. Even Bon Jovi band members took part in the recording. It was not the first time that Anna K. collaborated with the music legend. Their work paths had already come together on the previous single “Na malou chvíli”. “It’s a great experience for me to work with such famous people as Chris, who has several American Grammy awards and is still very modest, always smiling. And above all, the result is always divine,” says the singer enthusiastically.

The author of the music and lyrics is, as is already usual with Anna K., Tomáš Vartecký. And since he and Anna K. are a couple in private too, he also projected a piece of life experience into the song, which makes the song all the more emotional. Anna K. admits that she gave him some advice during the creation this time as well. “It’s like all our joint songs that we create together. I interfere a lot with my boy, especially with the texts! The single “O Tobě i o mně” is inspired by our lives, but also by the stories of the people around us. So it’s not quite literally about the two of us, but there is a bit of inspiration there after our almost 25 years together.”