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Anna K’s current hit Valley of the Bees got a visual form. The music video gives another lovely dimension to the song’s powerful lyrics

The current single Údolí včel has been scoring points on the Czech radio airwaves for some time, so it was clear that fans are already impatiently waiting for the visual form of this song. The talented Ondřej Kudyn, who was also behind the music video for the song O Tobě i o meno, took over the direction.

“Already the name Údolí včel evoked in me the story that takes place in the clip, and I hadn’t even heard the song. After the first listen, I had a clear idea and I just had to shoot it. I put together a great team that helped me create the world and the atmosphere , which I didn’t even imagine we could create. Anna K. was thrilled with the story, so satisfaction was on all sides. The story in the clip is inspired by the movie Bridge to the Land of Therabitia. With this rendering, I wanted to say that we never know what the other he goes through, and what are the causes and consequences of his behavior. I transferred situations from the everyday life of each of us to innocent childhood, where no one actually judges yet, and we adults shouldn’t do that either,” says director Ondřej Kudyn about the clip.

The video clip was shot in a picturesque location in a forest in Central Bohemia, which provided the perfect background to express the atmosphere of the composition, which was written by Tomáš Vartecký. “The song celebrates the strength of our love, which has helped us overcome obstacles on our journey together for many years,” says Anna K., adding: “The Valley of the Bees is my absolute favorite thing, it’s a balm, it’s a refuge, it’s love, it’s years of ups and downs, it’s just strength. The concept of the video clip is based on the emotion that the song evoked in the director Ondřej Kudyn, and I really enjoyed the subject he sent me. The song thus acquires another nice dimension in the children’s world,” adds Anna K. about the clip.

The song Valley of the Bees is the third single from the long-awaited album, which will be released this autumn and will also include the hits Na malou únie and O Tobě i o meno. The album is created under the BrainZone label (Light 2017). Fans can hear the song live, among other things, at the stops of the traveling festival Hrady CZ, where the singer performs every Friday from 11:15 p.m. until September 2.

Anna K. is really busy this year. In addition to concerts and preparations for a new album, the first door will be opened for a documentary about the life of this exceptional singer. Directed by Víto Bělohradský, Anna K. recaps the milestones and events of her life. This is happening on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, when she entered the Czech music scene with her debut Já nezapómínám.

You can also listen to the new single Údolí včel in audio form on all streaming platforms: