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A new discovery in modern female pop? KETTIE releases debut single 5 Lives

KETTIE is the pseudonym of the new Czech singer Lenka Konvičková. So far, the young artist has drawn attention to herself primarily through collaborations with other musicians, both as part of feats and by participating in video clips for example Rybiček 48, Dorian or Pokáč. Now he finally presents his debut single 5 Lives, which was produced by the well-known German producer Roland “MadSkill” Moor.

“5 Lives is a description of an uncertain period of life in which you are searching for your true self. But it’s also about realizing that if you really want something, you have to actively do your best for it yourself and not rely on the help of others,” explains the track Lenka aka KETTIE.

The new song is shrouded in a dark and melancholic trap haze, showing a darker side of this versatile singer. Lenka’s musical and artistic journey to KETTIE shows that this promising singer has something to bring to modern pop, after all, she has proven her singing training since she was a child in various artistic ensembles and talent competitions.

Music producer Roland Moor aka MadSkill, who is known for his successful collaborations on the Slovak rap scene – e.g. Rytmus, Majk Spirit, Čistichov and others – also took on the direction of the sexy atmospheric video clip.

“The video is simply about the courage to step out of trapped clichés. KETTIE is at home in front of the camera and above all authentic, so it was a pleasure to direct the video clip.”  describes the MadSkill collaboration.

In addition to singing, KETTIE is also successfully involved in acting (Banger.), dancing, photo modeling and developing her clothing brand My Zodiac.

You can play the debut single 5 Životu on all streaming platforms: