O5 and Radecek released a new single with Celeste Buckingham

Five years after the hit Vloupám se, the band introduced a new Czechoslovak duet during March.

Celeste Buckingham and O5 and Radeček sing together a love duet called Lovení to the new romantic comedy LOVEní. The film’s main representative, Ester Geisler, then met the musicians herself in a recording studio, where they shot footage for a video clip that accompanies the song and the film’s title track.

“I must say that I enjoyed it. It’s nice to watch talented people at work, and I think this song suits LOVE,” recalls Ester Geisler at a meeting with Celeste Buckingham and singer O5 and Radeček.

Track Lovení was made to fit the film, the creators knew his script, the main motives for finding love, and the wider meaning and title of the film. LOVEní as everything related to love. And also LOVEní like hunting, in this case love hunting.