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LUCIE releases surreal new video with a hint of steampunk

The most popular Czech band Lucie have revealed their most current music video for “Než tě okradou”.

Slovakian director Karol Vosátko tells a story of a man in love, set to the backdrop of a surreal world, using an unorthodox shooting method – photographing the portraits of the actors and then bringing them to life through several weeks of animation work. The result is a combination of steampunk aesthetics, with a resemblance of Karel Zeman films from the 1960s.

“Než tě rozkradou” will be on the setlist during the upcoming fall tour, taking place in smaller venues around the Czech Republic. During November, the tour will stop at cities such as Hradec Králové, Liverec, Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Znojmo, Zlín, Olomouc or Třinec. Tickets are available through the TicketLIVE network.

“Než tě rozkradou” quickly came to life while recording the EvoLucie album. “I arrived to the studio a keyboard and immediately, when trying out the second sound, this song motive came to me,” says Michal Dvořák, remembering the recording session. Robert Kodym immediately caught up with the motive and it didn’t take long for the song to be written. “Robert also had a fresh new idea for lyrics which fit well with the song idea.” he added.

Slovakian director Karol Vosátko filled the video with a strong testimony of a broken heart. “As with everything in life, whatever one chases is what runs away from him. And vice versa. Whatever chases us, is what we run away from. And this the scheme the video talks about. These are beautiful and terrible feelings at the same time – they change life irreversibly.” says the director, who was looking for a key to telling the story of pain and fatality.

“The stylisation gave more freedom to tell a story without being pathetic. That’s why I chose a surreal world with a hint of steampunk, where I decided to set this story of a man fatally in love. I created by bringing photographs into motion and combining this with animation.” he says.

For the main roles, he casted Slovakian actors Lukáš Latinák and Mirka Partlová. “They were perfect for the story, and they were also great during the photo session – posing in many unnatural positions, with unusual costumes and props,” says Vosátko, who ended up taking 1600 photographs and taking a week to sort them all out. The actual postproduction work with acclaimed graphic designer Jozef Koháry, took him another month and a half. 

“The hardest thing about music videos is convincing the band or their management about your vision, which may seem a little abstract of ungraspable in terms of content and form. In this case, though, we were in agreement, which is rare,” says the director.