Klus & others prepare for the LétoFest series

Marek Ztracený to premiere his brass section, Jiří Macháček looking forward to enjoying the bands “from the back”.

For the very first time, Marek Ztracený is set to enhance his live performance with a brass section, Wanastovi Vjecy will introduce a new playlist including long-forgotten songs and Mig 21 & Divokej Bill will play previously unheard songs. Those are some of the perks the fans can look forward to at the third edition of LétoFest, which will be the first Czech event to introduce a brand new touring festival format. Throughout the summer, the events in Pardubice, České Budějovice, Olomouc, Ostrava, Brno, Pilsen, Karlovy Vary and Liberec will introduce a stellar line-up including: Divokej Bill, Iné Kafe, Horkýže Slíže, IMT Smile, Pražský Výběr, Xindl X, UDG & many others. The events will also offer an interesting accompanying programme, high quality food stalls and local band performances in each city. Tickets are available through the TicketLIVE network.


12–13th July – Pardubice, Hipodrom; 19–20th July – České Budějovice, Expo grounds; 2–3rd August – Olomouc, Šantovka; 9–10th August – Ostrava, Lower Vítkovice Area; 16–17th August – Brno, Expo grounds; 23–24th August – Pilsen, DEPO2015; 30–31st August – Karlovy Vary, Rolava; 6–7th September – Liberec, airport

„I really enjoy city festivals such as LétoFest. It’s nice to see the locals gather and to see other visitors coming from far away. It’s important for cities to come alive and provide entertainment for everyone,“ says Aneta Langerová.

For the second time in a row, Mig 21 with frontman Jiří Macháček will be performing at the LétoFest series. Macháček has many great memories from the previous year: „I absolutely love watching the bands from the back. Like when you finish your show, have a cigarette and just sit a little, perhaps lie down a little. I really like listening to my colleagues. I will do the same this year.“

This year’s LétoFest line-up will be very strong and the fans can look forward to not only great music, but also entertaining shows. Many of the bands performing at all of the LétoFest concerts have prepared special additions to their festival sets, which will not be seen at any other event. „Marek Ztracený, for example, will bring a brass section, which will definitely enhance his performance and take it to a new level,“ says organiser Pavel Vlašín, while also adding that Wanastovi Vjeci will introduce a new visual show alongside a new playlist. „We will add songs that we haven’t played for a long time and which have been frequently requested by fans,“  says Robert Kodym from Wanastovi Vjecy. On the other hand, Divokej Bill and Mig 21 will introduce brand new songs. „We are playing the new songs, because they evolve together with our fans. We don’t talk about them too much though, since we don’t the fans filming them and putting them on YouTube. The ones we’re going to play will be released on our new album in 2021,“  says Jiří Macháček from Mig 21.

Saturday afternoon will be dedicated to children. „We are preparing a rich programme in cooperation with our partners. You can look forward to an Indian trail, a climbing wall, various games, creative activities and heaps of presents,“ organisers say. The third edition of LétoFest will bring several other new additions, improving visitor services. For example, visitors will be able to use contactless payments through the chip in their wristbands, which can also serve as a stylish accessory.

„Main advantages include comfort, simplicity, speed and security. It will also significantly speed up purchases at food stalls,“ says Monika Freibergová from the Yashica promoter agency.

Tomáš Klus, Aneta Langerová, Jiří Macháček, Xindl X and Pavel Vlašín from the Yashica promoter agency have talked further about the LétoFest series in several Radio City interviews.