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ANNA K.’s new video Pyramida boha slunce

Anna K. returns in full power with a new music video for “Pyramida boha slunce” and invites fans to her holiday season acoustic tour with child choirs.

The popular Czech singer Anna K. has released a new music video for the song “Pyramida boha slunce”. The strongest song off the “Světlo” album was created in cooperation with Tomáš Vartecký a Jan P. Muchow.

The music video looks back at the busy summer season, during which Anna K. Played more than 50 concerts – giving her only little time to relax after illness. “One needs to keep going. if I were to stop, I would die,”she says with a smile on her face, adding: “I just need to keep working, to keep me away from thinking about the darkness. And most of all – I love my job, it keeps me healthy and maintains a strong connection with my fans. I think we simply cannot be without each other.”

The music video was shot by Martin Linhart and carries a theme of belonging and energy, which the singer often shares with her fans.

The holiday season acoustic tour will start on November 1st in Holešov and will continue through cities such as Ostrava, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Třebíč or Prague. Anna K. & her band will play her biggest hits, as well as new songs from her successful album “Světlo”, arranged for acoustic performance.

“Our last year acoustic tour was so successful, that we decided to organise it again. I am very happy that it’s so popular – some venues are already sold out and we had to add new dates,” says Anna K., while adding: “The entire concept is about light and about the bright moments with our music, and about the beautiful energy which accompanies the holiday season.”

At each stop, her six-piece band will be accompanied by a children’s choir. “Most of the concerts will feature either the Children’s Choir Studio Ostrava Jih or the Kühn Children’s choir, which I have previously performed with. At some venues we will also approach local choirs and elementary art schools. The energy of children brightens up the atmosphere of the concerts, I can’t wait!” says the singer.

To make the concerts even more interesting, Anna had half of her songs rearranged by American producer Steve Walsh, who has extensive experience in this field. Apart from other projects, he also rearranged the biggest hits of the UK group Erasure for their acoustic record “Union Street” and the following tour. The other half of Anna’s repertoire was rearranged during rehearsals in cooperation with her live band.

Tickets for the tour are exclusively available through the TicketLIVE network.

“AKUSTICKY 2019” tour

1.11. Holešov – Chateau

2.11. Ostrava – Ostrava culture center (“Dům Kultury”)

12.11. České Budějovice – Metropol

13.11. Rakovník – KC

15.11. Vysoké Mýto – Theatre

16.11. Hradec Králové – Petrof Gallery

17.11. Hradec Králové – Petrof Gallery

21.11. Třebíč – Theatre

24.11. Stříbro – Slavie cinema

27.11. Valdice u Jičína – KC

4.12. Prague – Hybernia

9.12. Pilsen – Depo2015

12.12. Český Krumlov – Theatre

14.12. Česká Lípa – KD Crystal

15.12. Brno – Mahentheatre

16.12. Valašské Klobouky – KD Klobučan